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Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Cell & Molecular Biology
Dr. David A. Johnson
Biol 405    4 Credits   Spring 2017  MWF 11:45-12:50 AM   PH

Information about this course can be accessed by clicking one of the links above. These links are found at the top of all pages on this site.
Important Notices (Newest at the top, oldest at the bottom):
  • Exam 4 Grades are on Moodle. Pick up your exam from the box by my office door.
  • Extra Credit records are on Moodle. There were three possible extra credit units to date and if you have two of them, you have maxed out on extra credit. There is one more chance to bring your total up to 2 tomorrow--or you can do some News article summaries as described below.
  • There is one other item on Moodle called "Questions."Recall that once when I was out, I asked you to submit questions you had from an assigned reading. This is NOT extra credit but a very small, required assignment. Check to make sure my records are right. If you have a "1," that means you did it.
  • Exam 4 on Wednesday, May 3 will cover Protein Sorting, Mitochondria, Cell Signalling, Cell Cycle, and Cancer.
    • Possible discussion questions are:
      • Describe cotranslational translocation.
      • Describe inserting a multiple-pass membrane protein in the membrane.
      • Describe signaling that involves a G-protein coupled receptor and the subsequent role of cAMP in signal transduction.
      • Describe the control of the G2/M checkpoint that involves cyclin B and Cdk1 (MPF).
  • I told you that I would give you an opportunity to earn back some of the points missed on Exam 2, since those scores were so very low overall. I sent this in an email earlier, so I am just repeating the assignment here.
    • Choose one to three partners and submit your project as a group project--with equal participation among all of you.
    • Choose one of the two projects below and submit it to me electronically or on paper before the Final Exam.
    • By completing this project, you can earn back up to 70% of the points you lost on Exam 2 (70% if you get 100% on the project).
    • For all project:
      • Construct a "cartoon" description of one of these processes (several frames to your cartoon). Be as chemically specific as you can be in your animation. You may choose to do this as hand-drawn artwork, PowerPoint Animation, or any other way you wish to construct the frames electronically. Along with the "frames" of your cartoon, give a detailed narrative of the process.
      • Here are the two projects:
        • Project 1: Describe the chemical process of splicing and the catalysts involved.
        • Project 2: Describe the replication of the telomere by telomerase.
  • I believe there were three extra credit possibilities this semester. If you attended two of them, you will receive maximum extra credit. If you do not have two, you can bring your total up to two by writing a half-page summary (for each one you are missing) IN YOUR OWN WORDS of any of the NEWS article found at the bottom of this page under "Genetics News." This is due before you come to the final and may be submitted either on paper or electronically.
  • I updated class attendance on Moodle, including excused absences. Check it out to see if you agree.
  • Exam 3 scores are on Moodle, answers to Fill Ins are here, and the distribution of grades is here.
  • Although we missed class today due to the threat of severe weather, we will still have Exam 3 Friday, as scheduled. We have already covered all the material that will be on the exam (see the next item). See you then.
  • Exam 3 on April 7 will cover Translation, Gene Expression I, II, and III, and The Nucleus.
    • Possible Discussion Question topics:
      • Translation
      • Negative and positive control of the lac operon
      • Import of a cargo protein into the nucleus involving Ran.
  • Exam 2 on Friday, March 6 will cover the material on these outlines: DNA Replication and Transcription.
  • Unfortunately, I'm not improving, so we will not have class Monday, February 27. Instead, please go over in detail the first half of Transcription lecture outline. This outline is written in considerable detail. Also, please click on the figures on the site to see details described. Go up to (but not including) "RNA Processing." I will assume that everyone has studied this information by class time on Wednesday. Hopefully I will see you then.
  • Exam 1 on Friday, February 17, will cover the material on these outlines: Overview, Molecules and Membranes, DNA.
  • See Extra link for extra credit opportunity this Wednesday, February 8.
  • Check this page often for course info and updates.
  • We have two excellent biology tutors for you to use. Here are their schedules:
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Genetics News
Check out some recent developments in genetics and molecular biology.