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Below is a table of contents




A Conductor’s Lexicon


Resources for Basic Conducting Study


Timothy Paul Banks

Samford University





I.          Fundamental guidelines for pattern construction


                        Quadruple, Triple, Duple                  4,  3,  2    [ 1 ]


                        Subdivision:  Duple (8, 6 [2+2+2])    Triple  (12, 9, 6 [3+3])


                        Irregular meter   ( 7, 5, etc.)


                        Regular meter Irregularly grouped  (ex.: 9=2+2+2+3, etc.)



II.          Terminology


                        4 languages:  Italian, German, French, English


                        Instrumentation:  Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Choirs







III.         Specialized Gesture


                        Fermatas, Stops, and Other Holding and Breaking Gestures


                        Free gesture:




                                    (Aleatory / Indetermacy)


                                    Recitative  (Oratorio and Opera / Music Theatre)


                        Guidelines for use of the Left Hand





IV.        Resource list for conducting practice


                        Score examples for all portions in II and III above


                        Selective Bibliography of conducting textbooks and related materials




V.        An Essay on the Psychology of Conducting


                        Motivation of volunteers and professionals


                        Group dynamics in choral and instrumental ensembles


                        Taking the “I” out of conducting


                        Some basic “do’s and don’ts” in rehearsal technique