Links concerning

LOST IN THE COSMOS: The Last Self-Help Book

by Walker Percy

Lost is excerpted on Google Books, (search for "lost cosmos")

Lost's table of contents,  (currently out-of-order)

Peter Lawler's 3-part essay on Lost (2013), and and

Alan Jacobs, Percy and Sagan in the Cosmos (2013),

Peter Kreeft lecture (audio, 1993),

Short review/recommendation of Lost by Adam Frank (2012),

-- Same, by Tom Bartlett (2010), 

Robyn Leary's interview of Percy as he was finishing Lost,


Percy speaking at Notre Dame's 1989 commencement,  (the introduction takes up the first 3 minutes or so; Percy begins speaking at 3:58 into this 10-minute video)

Percy's 1989 Jefferson Lecture for the NEH, "The San Andreas Fault in the Modern Mind," (the introduction takes up the first 9 1/2 minutes; Percy begins speaking at 10:00 into this 1 hour, 2 minute video)   

Percy interview in the Paris Review (1986),

Excerpt from Percy's self-interview in Esquire (1977),

The Walker Percy Project (UNC),

Walker Percy: A Documentary Film,

Korrektiv Press ("bad Catholics, blogging at a time near the end of the world"),

John O'Callaghan lecture (video, 2010),

Ralph Wood, An Introduction to Walker Percy,

Carl Olson, Traveling with Walker Percy (2004),

Carl Olson, Walker Percy, Diagnostician of the Modern Malaise (2001),

Ralph McInerny, Walker Percy,

Marion Montgomery, Walker Percy and the Christian Scandal (1993),

Richard Ford on how The Moviegoer "changed his life" (audio, 2005),

The Moviegoer discussed on the NY Times' "Reading Room" blog (multiple entries),

Walker Percy Center for Writing & Publishing, Loyola New Orleans,

Walker Percy From Pen to Print: An Exhibition,

Percy quotations,

Bhamwiki entry,

Walker Percy Resources on the Web,

Walker Percy at 100 (short bio), (2016)
Another centennial appreciation,  

Historical marker in Covington, LA (2010),

More ideas for memorializing Percy (2013), including a slidewhow,
    and  (in 2014) and  and

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn's 1978 Harvard address,


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