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Franz T. Lohrke

Brock Family Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship

Brock School of Business

Samford University

800 Lakeshore Drive

Birmingham, AL 35229
Office: 219 Dwight M. Beeson Hall
Tele: 205.726.2373
Specialty Areas
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic management


  • Flagler College (B.A.)
  • University of Iowa (M.B.A.)
  • Louisiana State University (Ph.D.)
Full Vita

Research Interests

  • Liabilities of newness
  • Organizational slack
  • Crowdfunding
  • Venture capital and angel investing
  • Organizational decline and turnaround
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Strategic alliances
  • New venture and small business internationalization
  • Management history

Courses Taught (2006-2016)

  • BUSA 100, World of Business (Freshman Entrepreneurship Experience, team- and solo-taught)
  • ENTR 401, Discovering New Business and Product Ideas (taught on-line) Syllabus
  • ENTR 407, Starting and Growing the Online/Mobile Firm (taught on-line) Syllabus
  • ENTR 485, Entrepreneurship
  • ENTR 486, Social Entrepreneurship (team-taught)
  • MNGT 406/MARK 417, Topics in MNGT/MARK: International Strategic Issues
  • MNGT 481, Business Strategy
  • BUSA (MBA) 590L, Economic Development of Britain (in London)
  • ENTR (MBA) 555, Entrepreneurship
  • MNGT (MBA) 561, Strategic Management 
  • MNGT (MBA) 590, International Management
  • MNGT (MBA) 598, Topics in MNGT: Issues in Strategy and Technology Implementation

Courses Taught Previously

  • MGT 624, Ph.D. Seminar, Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship (University of Alabama) Syllabus
  • MGT 591, Ph.D. Seminar, Entrepreneurship: Theoretical Perspectives (University of Alabama) Syllabus
  • GBA 490, Strategic Management (University of Alabama)
  • EMBA 6607, Global Organizational Issues (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Recent Awards and Research Grants

  • Selected as one of Birmingham's #40tofollow in 2013 by the Birmingham Business Journal based on being one of the top business executives in Birmingham to use Twitter to connect with stakeholders and enhance my organization's reputation 
  • Awarded the A. Gerow Hodges 2013-2014 Faculty Research Fellowship
  • Selected as Best Case Reviewer, Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice, 2011 
  • Awarded a $25,000 grant from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago to study liability of newness and strategic alliance processes (with Professor Barbara Bird), 2008.
  • Received the 2012 and 2008 Award for Outstanding Faculty Scholarship, Brock School of Business

Recent Journal Publications

Lohrke, F. T., & Landström, H. In press. Young, small and imprintable: Assessing progress and exploring future directions in new venture and small business research. Forthcoming in Group & Organization Management

Lohrke, F. T., Frownfelter-Lohrke, C., & Ketchen, D. J., Jr., 2016. The role of information technology systems in the performance of mergers and acquisitions. Business Horizons, 59: 7-12..

Nagy, B. D., Blair, E. S., & Lohrke, F. T.  2014. Developing a scale to measure liabilities and assets of newness after start-up.  International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 10: 277-295. 

Nagy, B. G., Pollack, J. M., Rutherford, M. W.,  & Lohrke, F. T. 2012. Entrepreneurs' credentials and impression management behaviors influence on investors' perceptions of new venture legitimacy. Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice, 36: 941-965.

Lohrke, F. T., Ahlstrom, D., & Bruton, G. D.  2012. Extending turnaround process research: Important lessons from the U.S. Civil War. Journal of Management Inquiry, 21: 217-234.

Lohrke, F. T., Holloway, B. B., & Woolley, T. W. 2010. Conjoint analysis in entrepreneurship research: A review and research agenda. Organizational Research Methods, 13: 16-30.

Marino, L.D., Lohrke, F. T., Hill, J. S., Weaver, K. M., & Tambunan, T. 2008. Environmental shocks and SME alliance formation intentions in an emerging economy: Evidence from the Asian Financial Crisis. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 32: 157-183.

Tang, J., Zhi, T., & Lohrke, F. T. 2008. Developing an entrepreneurial typology: The roles of entrepreneurial alertness and attributional style. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 4: 273-294.

Smith, D. A., & Lohrke, F. T. 2008. Entrepreneurial network development: Trusting in the process. Journal of Business Research, 61: 315-322.

Lohrke, F. T., Simpson, G. W., & Hunt, D. M. 2007. Extending the bargaining power model: Eighteenth century lessons from Panton, Leslie and Company in managing political risk. Journal of Management History 13: 153-171.

Lohrke, F. T., Franklin, G. M., & Frownfelter-Lohrke, C. 2006. The Internet as an information conduit: A transaction cost analysis model of U.S. SME Internet use. International Small Business Journal, 24: 159-178.

Lohrke, F. T., Kreiser, P. M., & Weaver, K. M. 2006. The influence of current firm performance on future SME alliance formation intentions: A six-country study. Journal of Business Research, 59: 19-27.


Other Selected Journal Publications

Lohrke, F. T., Bedeian, A. G., & Palmer, T. B. 2004. The role of top management teams in formulating and implementing turnaround strategies: A review and research agenda.  International Journal of Management Reviews, 5/6: 63-90.

Bruton, G. B., Lohrke, F. T., & Lu, J. W. 2004. The evolving definition of what comprises international strategic management research.  Journal of International Management, 10: 413-429.

Daniel, F., Lohrke, F. T., Fornaciari, C. J., & Turner, R. A. 2004.  Organizational slack and firm performance: A meta-analysis.  Journal of Business Research, 57: 565-574.


Lohrke, F. T., & Bruton, G. D. 1997. Contributions and gaps in international strategic management literature. Journal of International Management, 3: 25-57. (pdf)

Ketchen, D. J., Jr., Combs, J. G., Russell, C. J., Shook, C., Dean, M. A., Runge, J., Lohrke, F. T., Naumann, S. E., Haptonstahl, D., Baker, R., Beckstein, B., Handler, C., Honig, H., & Lamoureux, S. 1997. Organizational configurations and performance: A meta-analysis. Academy of Management Journal, 40: 223-240.

Lohrke, F. T. 1993. Motion study for the blinded: A review of the Gilbreths' work with the visually handicapped. International Journal of Public Administration, 16: 667-682.


Edited Volumes

Landström, H., & Lohrke, F.T. (Eds.). 2012. Intellectual Roots of Entrepreneurship Research, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers.

Landström, H., & Lohrke, F.T. (Eds.). 2010. The Historical Foundations of Entrepreneurship Research, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers.

Other Editorial Projects

Landström, H., & Lohrke, F.T. (Eds.). 2016. New advantage and liability sources in entrepreneurial firms: Assessing progress and exploring possibilities.  Group and Organization Management.   Call for Papers

Other Publications

Lohrke, F. T., Baucus, M. S., & Carson, C. M. 2014. Publishing cases in entrepreneurship journals. In M. Wright & A. Fayolle (Eds.), How to Get Published in the Best Entrepreneurship Journals: 201-236. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers.

Lohrke, F. T., & Landström, H. 2012. Examining the intellectual roots of entrepreneurship research. In H. Landström & F. T. Lohrke (Eds.), Intellectual Roots of Entrepreneurship Research: xiii-xxvi. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers. Lists the top 100 articles in the Entrepreneurship field as chosen by the editors.

Lohrke, F. T., & Frownfelter-Lohrke, C.  2011. Book Review: Handbook of research on electronic surveys and measurementsOrganizational Research Methods, 14: 389-393.

Lohrke, F. T., & Landström, H. 2010. History matters in entrepreneurship research.  In H. Landström & F. T. Lohrke (Eds.), The Historical Foundations of Entrepreneurship Research: 1-11. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers.

Nagy, B. G., & Lohrke, F. T. 2010.  Only the good die young? A review of liability of newness and related organizational mortality research.  In H. Landström & F. T. Lohrke (Eds.), The Historical Foundations of Entrepreneurship Research: 185-204. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers.

Lohrke, F. T. 2008. Book Review: Research Methodology in Strategy and Management (volume 3).  Organizational Research Methods, 11: 860-864.

Marino, L. D., Lohrke, F. T., Zhi, T., Dickson, P. H., & Weaver, K. M. 2005. Entrepreneurial acuity: The relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and the convergence of archival and perceptual measures of environmental uncertainty. In Zahra et al. (eds), Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, pp. 1-15. Wellesley, MA: Babson College.


Selected Presentations

Shanine, K., Combs, J. G., & Lohrke, F. T. 2016. Sins of the parents: How parenting style affects succession and key family business outcomes after succession.. Presented at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Bodø, Norway.

Bogers, M., Griffith, T., Kane, G., Kastelle, T., Lohrke, F. T., & Murphy, P. J. 2015.  Opening governance in academia through social media for research, teaching, and outreach.  All Academy Theme session presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Landström, H., Lohrke, F. T., Aldrich, H. E., Baker, T., Eddleston, K., A., Nagy, B. G., Pollack, J. M., Powell, E. E., Rutherford, M. W., Tilcsik, A., & Uhlahner, L. M.  2015. Fifty years of liabilities of newness research: Assessing progress and exploring future research.  Presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Carson, C. M., Lohrke, F. T., & Lockamy, A. A. 2014. The family business succession process: A Bayesian analysis.  Presented at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference in June in London, Ontario.

Frownfelter-Lohrke, C., & Lohrke, F. T. 2013. Forget about IT? The role of information systems integration in successful mergers and acquisitions. Presented at the Association for Information Systems Special Group on Accounting Information Systems Conference, Milan, Italy.

Thornton, J. P., Gonas, J., & Lohrke, F. T. 2012. The social entrepreneur as trailblazer: A non-normative role for social enterprise in a market economy. Presented at the NYU-Stern Social Entrepreneurship Conference, New York. 

Lohrke, F.T., & Bird, B. 2011. Make versus sell: Examining new venture commercialization and licensing decisions.  Presented at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange, Melbourne, Australia.

Lohrke, F.T., Bird, B., & Gordon, R. 2010. Commercializing new technologies: The impact of liability of newness, liability of smallness, and technological innovativeness. Presented at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Lohrke, F.T., & Bird, B. 2009. New research findings resulting from microdata access: NIST Business Reporting Series Data.  Presented at the Assessing the NORC Results of Microdata Access Conference, Economic Research Service, Washington, DC.

Lohrke, F. T., Bird, B., Nagy, B. G., Fischer, E., & Reuber, R. 2009. Are new ventures illegitimate, disreputable, untrustworthy, or routineless? A liability of newness review and research agenda. Presented at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Wellesley, Massachusetts.


Recent Service

  • Secretary for the Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management, 2010-2016
    • Served on the Executive Board
    • Established social networking sites for the Division on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in January 2012
  • Senior Vice President – Operations and Planning, U.S. Association for Entrepreneurship and Small Business (USASBE), 2013-2015
  • Faculty mentor, USASBE Doctoral Consortium, January 2012 and 2013
  • Outstanding reviewer, Social/Non-profit/Public Policy Entrepreneurship Division, United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference, Anaheim, California, January 2009
  • Division Chair for the Management History Division, Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, August 2006
  • Track Chair for the International Management/Management Education/ Management History Track, Southern Management Association, Charleston, South Carolina, November 2005
  • Program Chair for the Management History Division, Academy of Management Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 2004
  • Editorial review board member: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice , Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, Journal of Management History, and Journal of Small Business Management.
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer: Academy of Management Perspectives, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, European Management Journal, International Journal of Management Reviews, International Small Business Journal, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Organizational Research Methods, and Small Business Economics.
  • As Chair of the Entrepreneurship, Management, and Marketing Department, Brock School of Business, Samford University (2007-2016) and Brock Family Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship (2009-present):
    • Coordinated efforts in building an Entrepreneurship program (beginning in Fall 2006) that was recognized by USASBE as the Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Program in the 2010
    • Helped redesign the freshman-level BUSA 100, World of Business, course in 2007 into a introductory course in Entrepreneurship, including developing outlines and grading rubrics for students' preliminary business plans.  The course was selected as a finalist for USASBE's 2011 Special Recognition in Entrepreneurship Education  
    • Wrote the proposal for the Regions New Venture Challenge Business Plan Competition, which was funded for $20,000 by Regions Financial Corporation from 2009 to the present and included two divisions, Freshman (for BUSA 100 students) and Open.  Also administered the competition annually as well as developed the competition rules and wrote guidelines for preparing a business plan
    • Wrote the proposal, which was funded for $10,000 by a donor, to support student micro-business formation in 2009     Microbusiness Resources
    • Led departmental efforts contributing to successful Brock School of Business' reaccreditation by AACSB International in both 2010 and 2015, including developing and administering rubrics for several departmental learning goals
    • Designed, championed, and implemented MBA concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Marketing in 2011 and 2012, respectively
    • Served on a two-person team to develop and deliver an Entrepreneurship curriculum for the Alabama Governor's School in 2012. This program is for gifted, rising high school seniors from across the state of Alabama.
    • Championed, recruited students for, and furnished the Brock School of Business Student Incubator, August 2012.  Based on these efforts, an expanded incubator was included in the new business building, Cooney Hall, which opened August 2015.(See Seasons magazine, page 26.)
    • Designed, championed, and implemented an undergraduate Entrepreneurship minor for non-business students in 2013 to increase the number of science and arts students in the program  
    • Increased national exposure of Entrepreneurship Program by writing and submitting material to different websites and social media outlets (e.g., Twitter).  Also, wrote several press releases and newsletters about student and faculty accomplishments.
    • Initiated a pitch competition in cooperation with Entrepreneurs' Organization in 2016. Application available here.
    • Taught course overloads for two years until additional faculty could be hired to support the Entrepreneurship major
    • Led or served on search committee that successfully recruited several faculty members

  • As Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator at Samford University, developed the Entrepreneurship and Social/Not-for-Profit Entrepreneurship concentrations, 2006-2007 Programs of Study in Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship 
  • Also served as part of the faculty team at the University of Alabama that redesigned the Entrepreneurship program, which Entrepreneur magazine ranked in the top 25 nationally 2006-2010.   Contributions included publishing in Entrepreneurship journals, developing and teaching two PhD seminars in Entrepreneurship, helping redesign the undergraduate curriculum to include two Entrepreneurship concentrations, and serving as an ex officio member of the Culverhouse Entrepreneurship and Family Business Advisory Board
  • Judge for the state-wide Alabama Launchpad Governor's Business Plan Competition, the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Awards, and the Birmingham Business Journal Best in Business Awards
  • Counselor, Service Corps of Retired Excutives, 2010-present
  • ProStart Academy: Developed and delivered personal and business finance lectures to inner-city high school student-athletes attending a football camp at Miles College on Saturdays, May 2008-2010.   Also serve on the organization's Board of Advisors
  • Fourth and fifth grade Sunday School teacher, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, 2003-2011 

Selected News Media Contributions


May 27: Interviewed about the entrepreneurship process


January 10: Interviewed about habits of successful entrepreneurs


March 25: Interviewed about the JOBS bill’s potential impact on new venturing financing


May 5: Wrote an article for the Birmingham News about Alabama's future economic viability 


November 4: Wrote an article for the Birmingham News about potential small business economic recovery

February 14: Interviewed about a new venture starting during a recession


June 19: Interviewed about private firm and small business challenges during a recession


October 1: Appeared on Talk of Alabama on ABC 33/40 to discuss starting a business during an economic downturn

August 22: Interviewed about entrepreneurship education

June 25: Interviewed about the Brock School of Business' new Entrepreneurship program


Selected Speeches

Birmingham Breakfast Club. “University entrepreneurship programs: Can we really teach this stuff?” September 2012

Birmingham Business Leaders Roundtable. “Entrepreneurship in 2012,” September  2012

McWhorter School of Pharmacy, Samford University. “Business plan writing fundamentals,” September 2012

Navigating Our New Reality 2010 Nonprofit Summit hosted by the Alabama Association of Nonprofits.   Expert presentation: “Social Enterprise: Transforming Nonprofits and Mission,” March 2010.

Birmingham Junior League Non-profit Roundtable.  Keynote speaker for the Junior League’s Summit on Non-profits.   Presented "The current economic recession and non-profit management," April 2009.

SCORE Annual Luncheon Speaker. Presented "The important role of university entrepreneurship programs," December 2008.

Homewood Rotary, Luncheon speaker at the October Homewood Rotary luncheon. Discussed "Current trends in Social Entrepreneurship" including initiatives at the Brock School of Business as well as the potential impact of the Financial Crisis on socially entrepreneurial organizations, November 2008.

American Marketing Association - Birmingham Chapter, Keynote speaker (with Professor Betsy Holloway) discussing Social Entrepreneurship, including recent developments at the Brock School of Business, May 2008.